i am a fifty-one year old who has loved to cook since i watched my grandmother cook for her extended family and friends~~grandma would start cooking the noon meal after breakfast by going out to gather the eggs, then she would wring the neck of a chicken or two, pluck it{saving the down feathers for her feather pillows}

she always had fried chicken, one other meat, fresh vegetables from grandpa’s garden {or her pantry where she kept all things canned}, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, deviled eggs and pie and/or cake~~she never knew who was going to be there for lunch~~her children if they were working in the area, at least 2 of her grandchildren{our mother worked}, maybe the preacher or someone else from the church who my grandfather had gone with to visit people that morning~and if they were hungry, he brought them home

grandma cooked in the kitchen several hours everyday and taught me almost all she knew~~i remember i was about 6 when i got to really help her~~it was my job to make the deviled eggs and the mac and cheese~~she taught me how to peel a tomato, chop vegetables, bake cake, pies and cookies

as i grew older, i would get more and more responsibilities to help her cook~~by the time i was 12, i was cooking the evening meal at home and earning money baking cakes for people

and in all true southern missionay baptist tradition, let someone be sick or there be a death in the family, or something that would call for her to cook for people~~it was on~~roasts, casseroles, cakes, pies, all kinds of great southern country cooking

after teaching school for a couple of years, i moved to little rock and started working in resturants, i learned much from a dear friend who was kitchen manager~i would help him off the clock just because i loved to cook

after i married my first husband, a chiropractor, he sent me to cooking schools so i could learn to cook all “that fancy shit”~~it was from him i learned how to cook with nutrition and balanced meals ~~and how to be the hostest with the mostest whether it be for 2 or for 200~i did it all~~we would have several large parties a year just so he could “show off” what his trophy wife had learned how to make and the flowers gardens i worked in every day

my father was a diabetic for over 50 years before he died~so i learned to cook with low carbs, and then later in life when he had kidney failure and heart surgery, i learned to cook heart healthy and convert many of my recipes to allow for his dietary restrictions~dad loved to deer hunt and being a butcher he was infamous for the way he prepared deer steak~and taught me how to cook with wild game

now it’s just me and mom, and she had a heart attack in may/09 so i am back to cooking for a reason and purpose  and people know if they give me a two hour notice~~i will cook my heart out for them~~ lots of people know when we eat lunch so i never know who is going to be dropping by!!

people are always asking me for my recipes and “how do you do that”

so i decided to stop handing out my recipes and start a blog about my cooking

i am not the neatest cook on the block~~i really get into cooking and being graced with not being so graceful, i spill, knock over generally make a mess while cooking~~i will be taking pictures as i cook so overlook my messy kitchen~~it was clean when i started and will be clean after i finish!!


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