seasoning pack

i love to add seasoning to vegetables, meats, casseroles. basically everything but desserts

since mom had her heart attack in may, i have been even more aware of what i cook with and one thing that i have

used for years is a seasoning pack of fresh vegetables

i still use bacon, well because i am a southern cook, but i have reduced the amount of bacon i use in my pack

and of course, you can leave out someting if your family don’t like it

fresh vegetables add wonderful flavor to almost any dish~~and the color of the different vegetables adds to the eye appeal

so a couple of times a month i go to the store and/or the local farmers market and get the following:

  • one green bell pepper
  • one yellow bell pepper
  • one red bell pepper
  • one orange bell pepper
  • one large yellow onion (or two medium ones)
  • one purple onion
  • one bunch of celery
  • one whole garlic
  • several carrots(i use about half a package)
  • several serrano peppers (can use jalapenos~~remember to remove the seeds unless you want it to be hot)
  • one package of bacon or ham
  • any and all fresh herbs i can buy/get from my herb garden

up until a few weeks ago i did all my chopping by hand, but since mom ordered me the

Gourmet Quick Chop 2000 {and enter to win one~they aren’t paying me to say this, but they did provide one for me to give away to one of my readers} you can enter to win one that US Jesco provided me to give to you or go here to buy one

i start by cleaning and chopping up the bell peppers~i chop each color in a different size just to make the dish i am cooking “more beautiful” usually about 1/4 to 1/8 inch size

then i chop up the onions about the same size as the colorfull bell peppers

when i chop the celery and carrots, i chop them really small~because they do take longer to cook and the smaller they are the more flavor they seem to release

i also chop the garlic really small, as well as the serrano peppers so it won’t overwhelm if you get a larger piece

i mix these together well then i add the bacon or ham and the chopped fresh herbs

i then take a measuring cup and fill several snack size freezer bags {i use anywhere for 1/2 bup to 1 cup roughly~i just fill some bags fuller and some about half full}

i spread the individual bags on a cooking sheet and pop in the freezer

the next day i put them in one of my lock and lock containers

anytime i need some seasoning, i open the freezer and grab a bag or two

people who come for dinner or ones i cook for are always amazed that i spent so much time

chopping!! yea, it really took a lot of time to open the freezer and grab my seasonging pack

even less time now i have a chopper i love and don’t have to chop all those veggies with a knife!!

don’t forget to enter to win the Gourmet Quick Chop

i know i won’t be cooking without one!