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first it was mom’s heart problems and know it is mine

i go to the heart clinic wednesday for the dye test to the heart, legs and neck ~~~~~~~~~~~ya know me,i’m medically backassards like dad was medically the drugs the heart doctor gave me when he noticed my thankles{my ankles when swollen are bigger than cankles, they are the size of my thigh~not quite, but a few times they’ve been close} anyway then he scheduled me for a nuclear stress test~~highly abnormal~~and i was to return this friday {9.4}i’ve made 3 trips to the er since friday {problems related to side effects of the new heart medication, cholesterol, the er drs took me off the respected medication i had a reaction to and scheduled me another appoitment~~but dr heart’s nurse called monday morning about what happened this weekend~the detinyfuxkingtown hospital is a great little hospital for first aid~~~it saved my dad’s life untold times~and after i had my mastectomy, a week  after surgery i was here and if it had not been here i would have bled to death when an artery tore lose~~i was able to get to hospital in ten minutes~lost more than 1/2 of my blood volume~~i was in the hosptial for 10 days after that~~i was only in hospital 2 days for my mastectomy!! anyway i don’t know when i will be back home~~if i have a way to update i will~~i will be taking my laptop if i have to stay at hospital, but i’m not to sure about if i will feel like going to the area where wireless is~~now if there are any of you who would like to know what is going on with me at the hospital, mom will have her cell~~just email me by tonight and i will send it to you~~mom loves to talk as much as i do, but she don’t fuxking cuss and is all goody~goody~~not that there is anything wrong with that~~~~i tell people i get all my goodness from my mom and all my badness from my dad~~~and if you know us in IRL you know what that is the truth!!



and the winner is

naturally the number generator didn’t transfer correctly~~the winner was #17~~i’ve sent you an email karen!

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The numbers generated by this widget come from RANDOM.ORG’s true random number generator.

and it didn’t work~~~ #17

and still no recipes

i really have been busy with life~~i’ve got tons of pictures and recipes ready to blog~someone want to come blog them for me~~be sure to enter to win one of the neatest kitchen gadgets i have ever owned~~it’s great ya’ll~and the wonderful company has sent me some other things to try and review~~and i already have one of them {mom and i ordered it last year when dad was still with us} it’s not a kitchen gadget but a common, everyday item that is wonderful~easy to use, lightweight and ya’ll are going to love it~~just like the chopper i swear i have used in almost every recipe mom and i have made in the past two weeks!! the contest ends friday at 6pmcdt~~so ya’ll enter now!

i am still under the weather

so i have extended the contest until august 21,2009!

so you have until friday night, august 21, 2009 at 6PMCDT to enter below

new recipies and pictures coming soon

after being at the hospital with mom for several days~i am way behind and a little under the weather~i have some pictures to go through and several recipies to post about~~but i am just not feeling great so i am putting it off until tomorrow and going to bed~~the contest ends on 8/15/09 so be sure and enter below!!

we interrupt this thing called life

we interrupt this thing called life in blogworld

for a little thing called life~~~~~~~~~

mom wasn’t feeling good thursay night and i have her at the heart hospital

she is resting peacefully and i woke after a few hours of deep sleep

she is having problems with her heart firing correctly

she is responding well to medication and if all continue to improve

we will be home sunday/monday or tuesday

please continue to remember us in your heart with

good thoughts/energy/prayers

Salsa Charlene

mom came home from visiting and brought me a few bites of this wonderful salsa

the next day i headed to the farmer’s market and grocery store to make some of the salsa for us~~and my expensive chopper turned it all into a liquid so she

called her friend to find the name of the chopper they have~~i got on the internet that afternoon and ordered one for us

the gourmet quick chop 2000 works like a charm

and us jesco

gave me one to give away to my readers~~enter here {there are three ways to enter and you can enter as many times as you wish}

but the recipe listed in the recipe booklet that came with the gourment quick chop 2000  is an excellent salsa

and like many cooks, i have adjusted the original recipe for the way i like to cook things,

2 medium ripe tomatoes (quartered)

1/2 yellow bell pepper

1/4 medium size  purple onion

8 springs of cilantro

4 cloves of garlic

2 tsp of lemon juice

2 tsp of lime juice

3 serrano peppers (1 for mild, 2 for medium~~and if you remove the seeds it will be even a milder hot pepper)

use the gourmet quick chop 2000 to obtain consistency desired~~the gourmet quick chop 2000 allows you to easily control the finer cuts while a few less spin will result in larger chunks~~i love the way it chops garlic with a few spins a very fine chop can be obtained and a few less spins~~perfect size tomatoes